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SRDS.com is a subscription-based service used by thousands of marketers and ad agency pros to find and evaluate advertising options.

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Who uses SRDS.com?

Fortune 500 & Marquee Brands

  • Kohler
  • Crate & Barrel
  • Container Store

Digital Agencies

  • Digitas Health
  • Space 150
  • Neo Ogilvy

Full-Service Agencies

  • Gyro
  • AbelsonTaylor
  • Doremus
  • BBDO
  • Ogilvy & Mather
  • Universal McCann
  • Carat
  • Starcom
  • Wieden & Kennedy

Overwhelmed by digital media? Start with SRDS.com.

The complete SRDS.com Digital Media database provides objective data and primary research on the digital advertising ecosystem. We help media buyers and marketers identify short-tail and long-tail digital advertising opportunities, understand the ad network ecosystem and contact companies for RFPs. Your subscription includes data for 20,000+ U.S. websites that sell advertising and 150+ digital networks and ad tech vendors.

Data for third-party buying:
Because ad tech is too confusing.

Are you interested in exploring third-party digital buying but don't know where to start? Have you ever visited a vendor's website only to leave feeling more confused? You're not alone, and the digital experts at SRDS.com are here to help.

Over 150 curated profiles by Kantar Media SRDS digital experts help you discover and evaluate new networks, DSPs and other ad tech. Quickly prepare informed points-of-view on new networks/companies for clients.

Craft your own point-of-view on companies based on their services, capabilities and more, before it’s asked of you by clients.

Each profile includes 30-80 data points about targeting, site selection, platforms, formats, rates and contacts, making it easy to compare vendors as they add capabilities.

Go beyond word-of-mouth and your agency’s preferred list to compare vendors and assess their fit for campaign goals.

In five seconds, understand what a company offers with third-party, objective vendor profiles, curated by our digital experts.

Explore the sites that many networks have served ads on, based on proprietary SRDS.com technology.

Data for site-direct buying:
Top 5 reasons to use SRDS.com to research websites

The long and short of it

Quickly and efficiently identify top sites and niche sites to find thought leaders in your space. Rather than just the sites with top traffic, we cover sites focused on specific markets, including 80+ consumer markets, 190+ B2B categories and all 210 DMAs.

Measurement matters

Make smart planning choices with traffic and engagement metrics in one online service.

  • Compete UVs and audience analytics
  • Nielsen NetRating UVs
  • BPA interactive audits
  • Publisher self-reported UVs

Advertising guidelines

Review the ad sizes and formats sites run to determine what sites make the cut for your campaign. We report what IAB-standard and non-IAB ad sizes run on each site, updated monthly. If a client has creative constraints with sizes or formats, you can isolate the sites that fit.

Search the way you want to find your data faster

National or local. Consumer or business. Sites or networks. Find sites with a simple keyword search, browse through granular subject categorizations (from Arts & Antiques to Geriatrics & Gerontology) or hone in on DMAs. And copy and paste the site profiles and images in your materials.

Seeing is believing

Need a quick screenshot of the environment where your ads will appear? Looking to drop a site logo into a document? First impressions count, and now you can see nearly 20,000 site images without leaving SRDS.com. Many profiles also include site or owner logos.

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Improve your next online campaign.

10 Best Practices for Digital Media Planning

  • Why add digital to your media mix
  • Best practices & tips for any digital plan
  • Ideas for online ad optimization
  • Actionable digital campaign worksheets

SRDS.com covers all media types

With data on over 125,000 media properties, subscribers can conduct research, evaluate media opportunities and determine the comparative value of media channels. The SRDS.com multimedia planning platform spans B2B publications, consumer magazines, direct marketing, newspapers, out-of-home media, radio, TV/cable and more, so you can create integrated plans.